How Many Roulette Variations Are There?

Roulette is a game with a lot of heritage going back to the seventeenth century when Blaise Pascal had initially introduced the mechanism while searching for a way to create a machine in perpetual motion to produce energy. While there are ways to play the game correctly, be it online through the likes of platforms like for example, many of the betting systems and methods employed have been able to beat it consistently and bring the desired laurels to its players.

However, it continues to be one of the most popular games of chance. And the reason for this is that it has many variants. In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common variations of the game and how they differ from each other.

European roulette


A common variation in both land-based and online casinos alike, European roulette differs from the others by having one zero and, as a result, gives 2.7% on the house edge. This means that it’s significantly lower than many other variants, especially the American version. But that isn’t all; some European variations have features like the racetrack that contains special call bets like Orphelins and Voisins Du Zéro.

American roulette

The unique thing about American roulette is that it has an additional slot: the double 0. However, because the payouts stay the same, there’s a significant jump on the edge of the house to 5.26%. This makes it one of the highest in any game of chance. It’s easy to find this roulette variation across various states in the United States and high-end gaming dens in London.

You’ll want to avoid this variation due to its increased odds. Unless there are no other alternatives available, stay away from American roulette.

French roulette

Out of the roulette variants available, many prefer the French version because it boasts excellent odds, even for chance bets. Similar to European roulette, it only has a single 0 slot. However, losing any, including chance bets, generally pays half back. So, if you place a bet on black but hit 0 instead, you’ll get half of it back.

Live roulette

Ever since the rise in the popularity of online casinos, many players have questioned the software’s fairness. Some have even claimed that they’re rigged. While these are all fallacies and myths, many internet gaming websites have begun to offer their players live gaming sessions to eliminate these fears and give an experience that would otherwise be limited only to brick-and-mortar establishments.

With live roulette, the table uses real croupiers, wheels, balls, and tables, presented online via webcam. Through this approach, players can see everything that’s happening as they place their bets from their computers. It’s a fun way to play the game since it can save time and money going to your local casino.


These are just some of the many roulette variations available to players. While they may share many of the same rules, the differences make each experience unique to the respective game, offering players a different level of enjoyment depending on their preferences. So, before you dive into any roulette game, be sure to evaluate each one first carefully. It will make a difference to both the fun factor and success rate.


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